Designing a school for the future...

On April 4, 2017, the District 30 community delivered a mandate to replace Maple School when 76% of the community voted "yes" to the facility bond referendum.  

The District Administrative team has begun the important work of finalizing plans for a new Maple School - a process involving teachers, students, community members, architects and consultants.  The goal remains to break ground for the school in April of 2018, to occupy the new school in the Fall of 2019.

We invite the District 30 Community to keep up with the progress on our new Maple School through this website. This website includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the most recent design progress. Once construction begins, this site will include regular updates on progress.

Thank you again to our supportive community and to all of those giving their time freely to generate an outstanding plan for the new Maple School. 


The new school will keep grade-level classes together, including full size science lab classrooms. Each grade level will also have collaborative learning spaces and quiet study areas, to allow for different student learning styles.

Environmentally Responsible

The new school will strive to be as earth-friendly and sustainable as possible, increasing energy efficiency with more centralized climate systems.  The building will also introduce natural light into virtually every student space.

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21st Century Learning Spaces

The school will also feature large, modern Music, Art, STEM and Consumer Science classrooms, as well as an open library with collaborative spaces for students and teachers. The new building will integrate technology throughout, to create new learning opportunities and avenues for students.

A Safe Learning Environment

Building the new school will eliminate the need to spend millions of dollars in life safety maintenance costs, including roofing, climate-control and security door expenses.

Our Story So Far

In the Fall of 2016, the District 30 Board of Education entered into an inclusive process that generated District 30’s Master Facility Plan. The process included input from all stakeholders throughout. More information about each stop of our journey is below...

In the fall of 2016, District 30’s Board of Education entered into a process involving our stakeholders and community in updating our district’s facility vision. The first semester of the 2016-2017 school year was devoted to this important work. 

School tours, focus groups and design workshops with students and teachers highlighted the challenges and opportunities that our facilities present.

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A District 30 Facility Steering Committee met with the district’s architect, ARCON and Associates, to determine options for a comprehensive Master Facility Plan. The completed plan involved an exhaustive discovery process involving architects, an education consultant, construction management professionals, principals, teachers, students, parents, district leadership and other stakeholders.

The District 30 Citizens Task Force reviewed the plans, as well as financial projections for each option.

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The Community Task Force reviewed the plans that were approved by the steering committee.  They toured Maple School and were also given the opportunity to discuss financing options with the district’s financial advisor.

Considering the needs of our schools and the data collected from the community survey , the 34-member task force developed a proposal to construct a new Maple School and address life-safety issues at all District 30 facilities.  On December 13, the proposal received unanimous approval by The Board of Education.

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