To be considered by the District 30 community on April 4th, 2017.

In the fall of 2016, District 30’s Board of Education entered into a process involving our stakeholders and community in updating our district’s facility vision. The first semester of the 2016-2017 school year has been devoted to this important work, which was kicked off this week. 

School tours, focus groups and design workshops with students and teachers highlighted the challenges and opportunities that our facilities present.

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A District 30 Facility Steering Committee met with the district’s architect, ARCON Associates, to determine options for a comprehensive Master Facility Plan. The completed Master Facility Plan involved an exhustive discovery process involving architects, an education consultant, construction management professionals, principals, teachers, students, parents, district leadership and other stakeholders. The Task Force reviewed the plans, as well as financial projections for each option.

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The Community Task Force, a group involving District residents, architects, construction professionals, principals, teachers, students, parents, district leadership and other stakeholders, reviewed the plans that were approved by the steering committee.  They toured Maple School and were also given the opportunity to discuss financing options with the district’s financial advisor.

Considering the needs of our schools and the data collected from the community survey , the 34-member task force developed a proposal to construct a new Maple School and address life-safety issues at all District 30 facilities.  On December 13, the proposal received unanamous approval by The Board of Education.

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Addresses The Concerns
at Maple School
Creates Modern and
Flexible Classrooms
at Middle School
Creates Classrooms In
Grade-Level Grouping
Improves Safety and Security
Eliminates The Need for
Major Maintenance at Maple School
for Thirty Years
Does NOT Exceed District 30's Bonding Capacity