District 30 New Maple School FAQs

When did design efforts begin on the new Maple School?

In the Fall of 2016, the District 30 Board of Education entered into an inclusive process that generated District 30’s Master Facility Plan. The process included input from all stakeholders:

  • Community Members
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Staff
  • Administration
  • Board of Education

Leadership for this process was provided by our Board, Administrative Team, a Steering Committee (board members, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members), and a 34-member Citizens’ Task Force (District 30 parents, local business and real-estate leaders, village representatives, community members, building principals, and a teacher from each building). The wealth of information generated in our Master Facility Planning process was utilized to create a preliminary design of a new Maple School.

When will construction begin on the new Maple School?

Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018.

When is it estimated that the new Maple School will be occupied?

Occupation is currently expected in August of 2019.

When will we begin to see the impact of the D30 Facility Bonds on our Taxes?

District 30's facility bonds will impact our community's property taxes in the fall of 2018.

What bond rating did District 30 earn from Standard and Poor’s?

District 30 recently earned a Triple-A (AAA) Bond Rating with a Stable distinction from Standard and Poor’s. This strong rating is important because it provides us with an "exceptional degree of creditworthiness," which will keep the rates on our bonds as low as possible.

How did the structuring of the bonds compare to the estimates that were shared during the referendum?

District 30's master facility planning process resulted in a focus on a new Maple Middle School and removed around $7 million from initial facility plan proposals. The total cost of the new school and the health/life-safety work at our elementary schools is $41.5 million. To generate needed funding, District 30 is investing $5.2 million from our fund balance that will be combined with $36.3 million in facility bonds were sold on June 6, 2017.

During the sharing of information for the referendum, District 30 communicated two main ideas about the $36.3 million in facility bonds. The first was that the total cost estimate was $47.55 per $1000 of taxes paid in the fall of 2018 (i.e. a household that pays $10,000 in total property tax will experience an increase of $475.50 on their tax bill beginning in the fall of 2018). The second involved the fact that the bonds would be structured as a "flat payment" through a maximum of twenty years (i.e. the household that pays $10,000 in total property tax today will experience a constant impact of $475.50 throughout the twenty years).

Due to District 30's Triple-A (AAA) Bond Rating with a Stable distinction and the fact that the bonds were issued on June 6, 2017, at a cost to taxpayers that was close to that estimated during the referendum.

Will the new Maple School have a tornado shelter?

Due to changes in the school code, all new school building construction after 2014 governed by the "Health/Life Safety Code for Public Schools" must include in its design and construction a storm shelter that meets the minimum requirements of the ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters (ICC-500), published jointly by the International Code Council and the National Storm Shelter Association. Provides that nothing in this language precludes the design engineers, architects, or school district from applying a higher life safety standard than the ICC-500 for storm shelters. Maple will meet this requirement within one of the school’s two proposed gyms.

How does the square footage of the new Maple School compare with the current Maple School?

The new Maple School’s current design includes 111,000 square feet as compared to the current Maple School’s 89,000 square feet.

Will the new Maple School support potential increases in student enrollment now and in the future?

Yes. Current designs include teacher resource areas within each grade-level floor. These, coupled with two additional “swing” classrooms will meet current enrollment projections. In addition, designs accommodate the addition of six more classrooms if the need arises in the future.

Does design include plans for a Middle School Playground?

Yes. Each time students have been consulted on the design of the new school, they have emphasized their desire for an active Middle School playground space. This space may be supported by our Maple PTO.

Have bids been approved and is the new Maple School within the estimated budget?

Yes, construction bids were approved and assigned to Nicholas Associates for the new Maple School by the Board of Education on Thursday, February 8, 2018. The total cost for the new Maple School has been estimated at $40.6 million, and it is tracking on or under budget.

Will classes, functions, and activities at the old Maple School continue during construction?

Yes. Construction traffic will be limited during high volume traffic times to minimize the impact on the Maple and GBN campuses.

Will maintenance continue to occur at the old Maple for the next two years?

Yes. District 30 will continue to maintain Maple School and will increase the frequency of filter cleaning, etc. Improvements that can be shifted into the new Maple School will continue to be considered. Examples include the small-group space that was added last year inside the Maple Library. These walls are portable and will be utilized in the new library at the new Maple School.

When will life-safety work be completed at Wescott and Willowbrook?

Life-safety work will begin during the summer of 2017 and is expected to conclude by the summer of 2019.

Will the new Maple School be energy efficient?

The new Maple School will be built to the current building codes employing green philosophies. In fact, one of the leading Green Certifications, LEED-stands for (LEED) principals have now been embedded into building and school codes. Energy efficiencies, high air quality, low water usage, etc. will all be part of the design of Maple School. In fact, the standards used to build the new Maple School will demand efficiency levels that are 30% lower than those in place in 2006. Increased insulation, high-efficiency mechanicals, and low VOC materials will also be standard.

What are the plans for the District 30 District Office?

In preparation for the work, the current District Office trailers are expected to be vacated and torn down in March of 2018. Northbrook Bank and Trust Co. offered District 30 office space to lease with the use of a kitchen, conference room, and restrooms (at no extra charge). They have generated a dramatically reduced price for space and have incorporated a modest monthly payment back to District 30 that we can utilize within each school’s benevolence fund that supports students in need. The Board has endorsed our temporary location on the second floor of Northview Bank and Trust Co. building at 245 Waukegan Road beginning in March 2018.

Several permanent locations have been explored for the District 30 District Office including a long-term lease in the community, repurposing the existing Maple School’s kitchen and cafeteria, building an office building adjacent to the future soccer field, and building the District Office on the top of Maple School as it is constructed. After analyzing all options, the Board of Education has determined that the most responsible option is to build the District Office on the top of Maple School during construction. You can read more about the future of the District Office with a rendering in Dr. Wegley's Blog.

On February 8, 2018, the Board of Education approved the construction of the District Office alternate on top of Maple School as it is constructed. Financing for this alternate is being finalized and will be paid for out of operating expenses at a cost that is less than leasing in the community.

How will space be accommodated at Wescott and Willowbrook?

Wescott added two additional sections this year, which are expected to continue next year. Willowbrook is projected to increase by one to two sections next year. District 30's strategic plan calls for the formulation of a long-term plan for accommodating needed classroom and small-group learning space at both Wescott and Willowbrook. Short-term accommodations for space have been put in place by the Wescott and Willowbrook principals.

Will summer school be impacted?

Summer school will occur at Maple School during the Summer of 2017. Due to the on-site construction, it is likely that summer school will be held in the elementary schools during the Summer of 2018. Also, due to the demolition of the old Maple School, summer school will be held in the elementary schools in the Summer of 2019.

The following announcement of our plans have been placed on the District 30 Summer School Site by Eleni Lamson, the Summer School Principal:

Thank you to our community for approving the new Maple School! Due to the exciting news, we anticipate D30 Summer School 2017 to continue as usual at the current Maple School. For Summer School 2018 & 2019, we will continue to serve our community by hosting summer school at Willowbrook Elementary School. Stay tuned for updates!

Will school calendars be impacted over the next couple of years due to construction?

Yes, it is likely that District 30 will plan on attending during Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Presidents Day in the 18-19 D30 School Calendar and the 19-20 D30 School Calendar to maximize summer days during the Summer of 2019. These additional days will help ensure that the new Maple School and entire campus are ready for occupancy in the fall of 2019.

How can we continue to remain informed about construction and progress on the new Maple School?

Updates will continue to be shared via district and Superintendent communications and during Board Meetings. Also, the website www.d30facilities.org will be utilized to provide continuous updates on progress.