July 19, 2020

Our K-5 Solution

The District 30 Board of education accepted the recommendation to invest in the capacity our elementary schools. It is our intention to address short-term needs and also establish a strategy to prepare ourselves for enrollment growth in the near-future.

Wescott School – Restores Kindergarten at Wescott

The plan adds eight classrooms and a gym onto Wescott to realign Wescott’s Kindergarten with our neighborhood-school philosophy. In order to prepare for this change, as well as the demands of increasing enrollment, additional classrooms will be built. During this work, Wescott will also build a new gym and remodel the LMC to accomodate small group and individual instruction.

This project will also increase family safety by extending the drop-off lane at Wescott.

Willowbrook School – Relocating Kindergarten Generates Needed Space

Relocating Kindergarten at Wescott opens up needed classroom space at Willowbrook. Reconfiguring a few areas within the building, including the Library Media Center and Student Services Suite, set it up for the future. The project will also add badly needed parking spaces to Willowbrook’s campus.