October 21, 2016

A Plan For D30 Facilities

To create the District 30 Master Facility Plan, our architects, ARCON, updated the physical assessment and completed the educational assessment of our facilities. Parents, students, and staff have participated tours, focus groups, design workshops, and observations that were completed by ARCON and their educational consultant, David Jakes Design.

Educational Facility Assessment Findings

This intense and comprehensive analysis generated many drivers, findings, and considerations for each District 30 facility:

Drivers – D30 Spaces Should Provide:

  • An invitation to learning
  • Opportunity for exploration
  • Physical & intellectual safety
  • Transparency in learning
  • Integrative opportunities
  • Adaptive options for different styles of learning
  • Comprehensive space
  • A Catalyst for inquiry & creativity
  • An opportunity for play
  • A celebration of learning

Educational Assessment Findings:

  • You are out of space
  • Your spaces present a limited invitation
  • Your spaces require constant negotiation
  • Your spaces are limiting
  • Your spaces could be aligned more effectively
  • Your spaces could support all learners more effectively
  • You lack engaging outdoor spaces – especially at Maple

These findings and the resulting options for consideration are detailed in the presentation below.  The District Facility Goal Steering Committee met multiple times to help inform the considerations and options to address our needs. This work was instrumental in helping our administrative team prioritize our considerations as they updated the District 30 Master Facility Plan, which was turned over the the Citizens Task Force in early October.