October 21, 2016

A Plan For D30 Facilities

When we began looking at our school spaces, District 30 set out to develop a Master Facility Plan.  Working with our architects, ARCON, we updated the physical assessment of our schools and also completed an educational assessment of our facilities. Parents, students, and staff have participated in this process.  This plan drove the building of the new Maple School, and also the charge to address facility concerns at Wescott and Willowbrook schools.

Educational Facility Assessment Findings

This intense and comprehensive analysis generated many drivers, findings, and considerations for each District 30 facility:

Drivers – D30 Spaces Should Provide:

  • An invitation to learning
  • Physical & intellectual safety
  • Integrative opportunities
  • Adaptive options for different styles of learning
  • Comprehensive space
  • A Catalyst for inquiry & creativity
  • An opportunity for play
  • A celebration of learning

Educational Assessment Findings:

  • You are out of space
  • Your spaces present a limited invitation
  • Your spaces require constant negotiation
  • Your spaces are limiting
  • Your spaces could be aligned more effectively
  • Your spaces could support all learners more effectively

The findings of the Master Facility Plan recommended addressing the needs of Maple first, with the promise that the needs of the elementary schools would be considered after Maple was complete.   The Board of Education spent the 2019-2020 school year developing plans for addressing our capacity needs, and we hope to have them in place by the beginning of the 2021-22 School Year.

Board of Education conversations about the facility needs of Wescott and Willowbrook can be reviewed in the following board briefs: