August 21, 2016

District 30’s Master Facility Planning Process

This year’s goal work began with an inclusive process that will engage stakeholders to create a Master Facility Plan that ensures our long-range facility vision aligns with and supports our educational vision. This work will certainly include defining changes to our facilities that support projected enrollments, collaboration and emerging programs like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Highlights of District 30’s Master Facility Planning Engagement Process:

Discovery Phase: August/Early-September

  • A salon dinner with community members to discuss learning spaces and facility needs
  • An in-depth review of District 30 Educational Vision Documentation and curriculum.
  • Classroom visits at all three schools
  • Tours of Wescott, Willowbrook, and Maple with faculty, students, and leadership
  • Interviews of administrators, faculty, and parents
  • Design workshops with students and teachers

Facility Visioning: Mid-September

  • Review findings from tours, observations, interviews, and workshops.
  • Draft guiding principles for prioritizing needs
  • Review various approaches to addressing our facility needs
  • Prioritize needs and recommendations
  • Hand off recommendations to the Citizens’ Task Force

Planning & Concepts / Activation: Late-September/October

  • Board of Education approves finalized Master Facility Plan

Analysis and Decision Making: November/December

  • Utilize Citizens’ Task Force to generate facility options that accomplish District 30’s Master Facility Plan
  • Inform and survey stakeholders to gain insights into community’s desired facility option
  • Citizens’ Task Force finalizes and shares their recommended facility option and funding route with the Board of Education