New Maple School Project Schedule

Master Facility Planning Process – Summer through December, 2016

Schematic Design – April through Mid-May, 2017

The Schematic Design phase will verify the District’s program requirements, overall space relationships, space and feature hierarchy, and sustainability approach. The completed site survey will be reviewed, along with zoning and code reviews. Initial building systems concepts will be explored. Site and floor plans will be developed along with exterior and interior building character concept sketches.

31 on-site meetings with: User Groups, Administrators, School Board, Peer School tours, Village of Northbrook, Northbrook Fire Department, District 225, and a circle back workshop with students.

Design Development – Mid-May through Mid-July, 2017

The Design Development phase will further develop the design with input from building administration, teachers, and staff on the specific needs of each space. Site engineering and landscape planning will be developed. The building envelope, building systems, and building materials will be identified and designed. Technology requirements will be incorporated into the design. Interior finishes, materials, and colors will be defined. Initial furniture discussions will take place and furniture concepts will be incorporated into the overall design. All spaces will be “test fit” for major furniture and equipment components.

8 additional on-site meetings with: D30’s Leadership Team, a circle-back meeting with the Citizen’s Task Force members, a follow-up meeting with the Village of Northbrook, a meeting with the Police Department, and a peer school tour under construction.

Construction Documents – Mid-July through December, 2017

Bidding – January through February, 2018

Construction Start – Spring, 2018

Open for School – Fall, 2019